Park Shin Hye stands up to bullies! Over the weekend, the Pinocchio shared her opinion of people sending hateful messages through social media. Park literally feels sorry for her cyberbullies who waste their time sending evil comments when they could be spreading love.

She posted this heartfelt message especially for them: "I′m living my life the way my mom gave birth to me. Why with with your pretty lips and precious hands are you saying those things..and writing those things? Sigh..such a pity.."

Of course, her true fans stood by her and cheered her up with supportive messages after reading the frustrated post. The message came after twisted rumors began circulating online that she had plastic surgery. Her real fans know that Park is a natural beauty and those false rumors are groundless. Plus, the 25-year-old isn't letting the fictional news get her down. The beautiful seaside photo is enough to make anyone forget their worries!

How would you cheer up your favorite celebrity if they became the victim of cyber-bulling?

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