Hayate the Combat Butler is coming to DramaFever! It is based on a shonen manga written by Kenjiro Hata, which was later turned into an anime. What better way to celebrate than to get to know our characters and compare the Taiwanese cast to the anime?

1. George Hu as Ling Qi Sa vs. Ayasaki Hayate:

A boy who is working to repay his parents' gambling debts. Through a series of ironic circumstances, he ends up working as a butler and, out of gratefulness, becoming the bodyguard of his new mistress.

2. Park Shin Hye as Xiao Zhi vs. Sanzenin Nagi:

She's the sole heir to the Sanzenin fortune, which puts her at risk to those who would like to steal her family’s money.

3. Tia Li as Maria vs. Maria:

Maid and older sister figure to Xiao Zhi/Nagi. Over time she has become a trusted confidant.

4. Egin Lee as Gui Chuju vs. Katsura Hinagiku:

Left to deal with her family’s debt at a young age, she is admired by all around her. In the anime, she is the student council president, captain of the kendo club and the school’s idol.

5. Sean Lee as Ju Xuan vs. Tachibana Wataru:

Xiao Zhi/Nagi’s fiancé.

6. Wes Luo as Duan Mu Zhe vs. Saginomiya Isumi:

Best friend of Xiao Zhi/Nagi. She is softspoken, traditional, and gets lost often. For the drama, the character was changed to be a male.

Keep in mind that the anime characters are teenagers ranging from 13-17, while the Taiwanese characters they inspired are a bit older. The only way to know for sure whether it's great is to watch the show! I look forward to seeing how the drama adapts these characters. What do you think? Will the Taiwanese cast fit the manga origins? Don't forget to sign up for series alerts HERE!