Several days ago, Park Shin Hye was involved in a car accident where her van hit a guardrail late at night. Five people, including her manager and herself, were rushed to the hospital afterwards to check for any signs of injury. 

Since Park Shin Hye wasn't seriously injured, she insisted on going back on set to continue filming. However, she started to feel the after-effects of being in a car accident with little to no rest, suffering from muscle pain, and requiring an extra few days of rest. That means Episode 8 of Heartstrings will not be broadcast this week. Instead, a series special recapping episodes 1-7 will air instead. 

The boys at C.N. Blue also sent out a tweet to Park: "@ssinz 신혜야 아무걱정말고 빨리 완쾌해서 돌아와! 기다리고 있을게!^^ 다시 돌아와서 재밌게 촬영하자! 화이팅 신혜!!!"

Translation: "Shin Hye - don't worry about it and recover quickly so you can come back! We're waiting for you! Come back and let's have fun shooting. Hwaiting Shin Hye!" 

(I have half a mind to say that it's Kang Min Hyuk saying that, though it's more likely the tweet came from Jung Yong Hwa.)

Park Shin Hye - hwaiting and feel better! No drama is ever worth risking the health of your mind and body! 

Source: Nate