Park Shin Hye turns 25 on February 18, and she celebrated an early birthday party on Valentine's Day with 200 of her fans, who are also called Starlight Angels. We have photos from the lovely celebration.

During the birthday party, Park Shin Hye satisfied her fans' every request, such as shaking hands, giving hugs, taking selfies, answering questions, and also playing fun games. Together they made happy and beautiful memories. 

Park Shin Hye kept a smile throughout the event, but she also shed tears as she was touched by all the well-wishing gifts, birthday cards, fan-made videos, and birthday cake. A particularly touching letter came from Abanna, a young girl in Ghana. Park Shin Hye has been the goodwill ambassador for Korea Food for the Hungry International, and she served as Abanne's "mother" when she participated as a volunteer during the "Stop Hunger" campaign.

She was asked if she's interested in performing in a musical, given her natural talents in acting, dancing, and singing. Park Shin Hye replied that she doesn't sing with enough volume for a musical. She also said she's been taking lessons in modern dance, but she hasn't done well in it. Her fans encouraged her to keep trying.

At the end of the party, Park Shin Hye told her fans: "I can be more open in front of my fans and spend an enjoyable time together. Happy times seem to go fast. I wish I could spend more time with you. I feel I've been energized by your support and feel stronger. I love you." 

Let's all wish Park Shin Hye a happy birthday! The best way to celebrate is by watching her latest series, Pinocchio:

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