This week, Scarlet Heart: Ryeo viewers tearfully said goodbye to Park Shi Eun's character Lady Hae. To honor her short tenure on the historical series, the 36 year-old actress shared a bittersweet photo of herself and on-screen hubby Prince Wang Wook (Kang Ha Neul) via Instagram with a sentimental message to the cast and crew.

"I was happy being Lady Hae. I thank the producer for letting me know acting was a fun and happy thing. I thank the writer for making Hae  a beautiful woman. Thank you Ha Neul for making me a good sister and I wish you are happy with Hae Soo [IU]".

Park played one of the most understanding wives on television! Instead of being angry that her husband was falling in love with another woman, she actually encouraged him to take another spouse because she was so ill. Unbelievable! Also, it's heartbreaking that she has to depart the show in such a tragic way. 

Were you impressed by Park Si Eun's performance in Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

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Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

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