Park Shi Hoo's legal team is reminding fans to not believe everything you read, and accused news organizations of sloppy reporting. Inflammatory headlines stating that Park Shi Hoo had lied on every question on his polygraph test were published hours ago, widely circulated, and then swiftly refuted, with major news sites that had previously linked to the false articles removing the links.

On March 22nd, reported that according to a spokesperson from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, Park Shi Hoo failed every single question on the polygraph test. In addition, reported that a 'police spokesperson' who supposedly said that there’s "no chance" that Park Si Hoo will be acquitted, and if needed, an arrest warrant might be issued.

Soon, Park Si Hoo’s lawyer accused the sources of spreading false information. He said that “the recent report that Park Si Hoo’s polygraph came out all false isn’t true. They misunderstood how the polygraph process works.”

A spokesperson of Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency also claims that what was said regarding the polygraph test “isn’t our official announcement, and we don’t know who said such a thing.” He also added that “it’s ridiculous to decide whether someone’s guilty or not based on polygraph.” But who was the 'police spokesperson' that Sportsseoul and Ohmynews interviewed? [Source:]