Park Si Yeon is under investigation for the illegal use of the drug propofol. The Central District Prosecutor's Office in Seoul called the actress in to testify about her usage of the drug. Clinics in Gangnam were found to be illegally distributing the narcotic mostly used in anesthetics, and the prosecutor's charge states that the actress purposely visited the particular clinics to get the drug prescribed. Park Si Yeon's agency responded by saying, "When Park Si Yeon was filming for the movies Marine Boy and Dachimawa Lee in 2008, she sustained an injury to her back. She tried to endure the pain with medicine, but after her doctor suggested surgery and the pain was unbearable, Park Si Yeon underwent surgery quietly because she didn’t want her image to be damaged. She even quit being a fixed member in the SBS show Family Outing. They added that they weren't aware that propofol was used in her treatments. The agency also said that Park Si Yeon will testify and that the accusations that the drugs were used for recreational purposes are false accusations. Other actresses, such as Lee Seung Yeon and Hyun Young, have also been called in to testify before. It turned out that Lee Seung Yeon, Hyun Young and Park Si Yeon did receive injections of propofol at hospitals, and they have all asserted that the propofol was used to aid skin care procedures. What do you think of this? Are these actresses telling the truth, or is there something more going on?