Park So Dam will touch Jang Hyuk's heart in Beautiful Mind

The new KBS2 medical series recently began filming without a female lead, because they were waiting for the right girl to join their stellar cast. Actress Park So Dam was rumored to be in the running for the second leading role, but nothing was decided. Today, her agency confirmed that she will portray Jang Hyuk's love interest in the summer K-drama. Park joins an already talented group of actors who are currently working hard on the project. Actors Yoon Hyun Min, Park Se Young, and Heo Joon Ho are just a few of the stars she will act alongside. Heo celebrates his big return to television with Beautiful Mind after a nine-year hiatus in which he only acted in a few feature films.

Beautiful Mind tells the story of a heartless neurosurgeon who is at the top of his field. He meets Park's character and discovers the true meaning of love. The highly-anticipated KBS2 series premieres on June 20. It will air every Wednesday and Thursday.

The 24-year-old was so believable in Because Its The First Time that she almost brought me to tears by her moving performance as a young girl who falls in love with one of her best friends. I know she will do an amazing job beside veteran Jang Hyuk. 

Are you looking forward to seeing their on-screen chemistry?


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