Park So Dam is a jewel!

The Cinderella and Four Knights star recently sat down with the weekly women's magazine Grazia and discussed her current TV role and unique nickname. Park was determined to make her version of Cinderella different from the rest, so she worked very hard to make it a reality. 

"I wanted to show that Ha Won is different than your typical Cinderella, so I met with the drama staff very often. I would also rehearse for the drama in an environment that is similar to the actual filming."

Why do people refer to her as "handsome pretty"? She believes her outgoing personality attributes to her special nickname. "I'm the type to set the mood when I'm with a group of friends, so I think my energetic personal earned me that label. I might be feeling really down but I'm able to up my energy fast. I can't do anything when I'm feeling under the weather. I have to keep myself busy with work that gives me joy."

It seems Grazia magazine's classic, fall attire was made for her! The 25 year-old actress looked warm and toasty with her flannel, plaid wrap surrounding her. Park also appeared very chic in a purple turtleneck and pants. The K-drama beauty is proud of her tenure as South Korea's modern's Cinderella and is ready to embrace what's ahead. 

When Cinderella and Four Knights ends next week, what type of TV drama or movie would you like to see her star in next? Who would you cast as her love interest?

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Cinderella and Four Knights

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