Actress Park Sol Mi recently announced she’s six weeks pregnant with her first child. The Beloved actress recently married actor Han Jae Suk back in April of this year. The two of them announced they were a couple back in 2010 during the filming of historical K-Drama Merchant Kim Man Deok.

This is so funny to me because I’m currently watching Winter Sonata and I can’t even begin to stand Park Sol Mi’s character. She’s just so thirsty for attention from Bae Yong Jun's character that she’s causing unnecessary problems. But this baby is going to inherent awesome genes because Park Sol Mi still looks exactly the same as she did in Winter Sonata, which was made back in 2002. Han Jae Suk is good looking too, so I know this baby is going to be totally adorable!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE