[caption id="attachment_14317" align="alignleft" width="361" caption="Park Yong Ha"][/caption] Known internationally for his work on Winter Sonata and other dramas, Hallyu star Park Yong Ha was discovered dead in his home, an apparent suicide victim. The circumstances behind Park's suicide are still being pieced together, but sources close to the well-liked singer and actor say that his 10-year battle with insomnia combined with his strong relationship with his father, made difficult by his father's escalating cancer, may have contributed to his decision. Park gave little or no public indication of his mental condition, even chatting normally with Dong Bang Shin Ki member Hero Jae Joong on the phone hours before he hung himself. His body was found this morning by his mother, and a wake was held today at Seoul St. Mary's Hospital. Former roommate So Ji Sub and On Air co-star Kim Ha Neul were among the many mourners who attended the service. Park was 32 years old. The much-plugged second season of We Got Married is drawing a record numbers of viewers for the series. This season, which pairs 2PM's Nich Khun with f(x) member Victoria has doubled the amount of  comments usually seen on the network's website, with two times the number of viewers purchasing the first episode online than normal. The upcoming rom-com Cyrano Dating Agency let the media onto the set, and you can see photos of stars Uhm Tae Woong, Daniel Choi and Park Shin Hye right here. This take on the famous French story features Uhm as an agent at a dating agency that specializes in creating situations for its clients to meet the love of their lives, and who begins to fall himself for Lee Min Jung, the object of Choi's affection. Cyrano is currently filming. The World That They Live In's Song Hye Kyo is denying reports that she is in talks to star in a new film with Wentworth Miller, from Fox Television's Prison Break. Chosun Sports had reported the 'hush-hush' news that Song was being considered for the upcoming film Ji Xian Feng. Song maintains that she had never even heard of the production. Finally, Rain celebrated his 29th birthday last week with... an on-stage food fight? Check it out!