Park Yoo Chun is a popular singer and actor, but he is looking at another singer-actor as a rival. You may be surprised by what he said about ZE:A member and actor, Im Si Wan.

Park Yoo Chun is a popular singer, songwriter, actor, dancer, and model. He first rose to fame as a member of K-pop group TVXQ, and he is now a member of JYJ, which he formed with Kim Jae Joong and Kim Junsu. Meanwhile, Park has also become a very popular actor with many TV dramas in his portfolio such as Sunkyunkwan ScandalMiss RiplyRooftop PrinceI Miss You, and Three days. His movie, Sea Fog, was even nominated by South Korea to be considered for an Oscar nomination. He has managed his dual-tracked career in singing and acting successfully.

Park is considered an "acting idol," a term referring to someone like him who switches back and forth between singing and acting activities. Therefore, when Park Yoo Chun was asked who he considers as his rival among the other acting idols, his response is not only a surprise but also worth paying attention to.

He said, "Everyone does a lot of acting these days. I watched over a lot of dramas and movies, but I was surprised when I saw Si Wan in The Attorney. I did not know he was a singer. I only knew him as an actor."  He continue to praise Im Si Wan's acting abilities and admitted that he later found out Si Wan was also a singer from Kim Jae Joong who had Si Wan as a co-star in the drama, Triangle.

Im Si Wan certainly has become a successful singer-actor. He is a member of ZE:A, and he has acted in projects which became critical and commercial success. As noted in this article, He was first noticed as one of the young actors in the stellar historical romance drama, The Moon that Embraces the Sun. In 2013, he won awards for his role as a student activist in the critically-acclaimed movie, The Attorney, which became the second highest-grossing Korean film for that year and the 8th best-selling Korean film of all time. In 2014, he starred in two very popular dramas: Triangle and Misaeng. Having become a fan favorite in other Asian countries, he is definitely on a bright path to Hallyu stardom.

No wonder Park Yoo Chun, despite his own success, views Im Si Wan as a rival. I'm sure Park's candid response reflects a positive competition among young, talented, and versatile singer-actors. As members of the audience, we are the ones who will benefit from the continued good works from these awesome performers.

We will next see Park Yoo Chun in Sensory Couple on DramaFever. Have you watched Im Si Wan in The Attorney on DramaFever? Do you think they are rivals?

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