The first two addicting episodes of Sensory Couple are out, and personally I can't get enough of this quirky, lighthearted romcom! Part of what makes this drama so great is the playful interaction between leads Yoochun and Shin Se Kyung. While Yoochun plays a serious and determined character in the show, an SBS representative revealed that he is actually the one on set who keeps all the staff smiling. 

In regards to this photo of Park Yoo Chun riding a bicycle around the set, they commented, “Park Yoo Chun is always doing that kind of fan service for the staff while we’re filming. His positive outlook plays a big part in that.”

How could you possibly have a hard day at work when you see this adorable face grinning back at you?

Have you been watching Sensory Couple? What do you think so far?

If not, then I highly recommend watching it because it is really fun and adorable! Watch the first episode now: