This may just be the coolest party favor you've ever seen. Takara Tomy, a toy, entertainment, and merchandise company in Japan, has just announced the release of the "Kokoro Scanner," a small, round color lamp that you strap around your forehead, made to change colors according to your heart rate. So if you have something to hide, all will be exposed!

This one's for all you partiers. Marketed to coincide with the millions of End of Year and New Year's parties in Japan, this cute and hilarious forehead lamp is sure to entertain. The Kokoro Scanner, or Heart Scanner, is equipped with a type of sensor that assesses heart rate, and the lamp turns red when something is making your heart beat faster. So the lamp may suddenly turn red if your secret crush shows up and comes over to you to say hello. What a subtle way to let him know you have the hots for him: a red light right smack in the middle of your forehead!

The lamp can be used for all sorts of purposes, but it's made to be used in a game of "Are you Lying?" You ask each other questions, almost like Truth or Dare. When it lights green, you're telling the truth. Yellow, you're flustered; you're trying to hide something. And're lying! Yes, it will function as an unintended lie detector test if you have it on just for the heck of it. So it's best not to be worn if you plan on being interrogated by your significant other about why you didn't call when you were partying the night before...

Happy partying!

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