Pasta writer Seo Sook Hyang announced that she plans on following up the hit with another workplace romantic comedy, this one set in the world of the very wealthy... and the people who clean up after them. Tentatively titled Maids, the production is on the fast track to start airing before the end of the year. Runaway (Plan B) star Yoon Son Ha has a new photo essay book out, intended to capture the "simple culture" of small-town life in Japan. Yoon has been acting in Japan for most of the last decade, and Runaway marks her first return to Korean television in three years. Meanwhile, So Ji Sub's emotionally revealing book So Ji Sub's Road has become a best-seller in less than two weeks, and is already in its third printing. If you've been able to catch Baker King Kim Tak Gu, you might have witnessed the challenge to create "the most filling bread in the world." Click here to read a real-world taste test of the actual bread from the show, and find out where you can pick up some of your own (if you live in California, New York, New Jersey or Pennsylvania). 2NE1's Sandara Park wants to take it easy before jumping into acting again after her role in last years' Return of Iljimae--she tells her kinda sad story of watching herself act with friends here. And Kim Tae Hee reveals her struggle to grow from commercial acting to tackling dramatic roles in a new profile. While Arnold Schwarzenegger is in Korea in part to promote tourism to California, he'll name Lee Byung Hun as the state's official Ambassador of Tourism. Maybe Arnold sees a kindred spirit in the action star? Finally, if you've been wondering who the masked and shirtless stud to the left is, it's Big Bang's Daesung in a promo shot for his upcoming drama What's Up. Read up on the newly hulked-out star right here.