Up until now, this was something you could never say on a date at a bar: "Yes you are very beautiful and interesting but I prefer to look at the penguins standing behind you." Located in central Tokyo, the Penguin no Iru Bar, which translates to "the bar where there are penguins,” allows customers to enjoy a nice meal and drinks while watching live penguins. This is the best idea ever!

The food is mostly traditional Japanese fare with a full beer, wine and cocktail list. The penguins, of course, are the real stars, and they are located in a glass aquarium in the back of the bar. Just remember not to get so drunk that you try to take one of the penguins home!

Entrance photos of "the bar where there are penguins"!

The penguins' house!

The menu at the bar. No, you can not order penguin to take home, but we wish you could!!

Penguin playtime! This is amazing!!

These guys look like they could be really good waiters!