This is what would happen if the movie Happy Feet had a Christmas special. Christmas came early for everyone this year as a group of penguins in Yongin, South Korea dressed up as Santa Claus and Christmas trees at the Everland Amusement Park. The zookeepers in the park also were festively dressed as they walked around with this group of ridiculously adorable African penguins.

The Christmas-themed penguin parade was supposed to happen twice a day but had to be cut due to the unseasonably cold temperatures in South Korea. Some consider the march a cruel treatment of the penguins but Everland's media spokesperson, Kim In-chul said, "It's exercise for the penguins and they are in a very safe environment with keepers they trust, so we don't believe it should be considered cruel in any way."

Ok guys if you come any closer we're going to have to steal you!

Do not ask to sit on this penguin's lap.

Santas and Christmas trees? The greatest parade of all time.

These Christmas trees look a bit drunk.

It looks like the one on the right is Indiana Jones.