A taxi in Japan is surprisingly being appreciated for going extra slow. Push the "Turtle Button" from the backseat, and your driver will make sure you get a slow, relaxing ride to your destination.

"Driver, can you step on the gas please? I'm in a hurry." We've all said that before, but not many of us have asked a driver to go slow. The new Turtle Taxi specializes in just that. If you're not in a rush, you can push the Turtle button. The driver will acknowledge your button-pushing and get in Turtle mode. Your taxi will then slowly take you to your destination, while being both friendly to the environment and making it relaxing for you.

But who appreciates this the most are apparently customers who get car sick from the sudden jerks and movements of faster cars, and expecting mothers. Because of its success, the operation is slowly but surely expanding in areas right outside Tokyo. Maybe they don't need them in Tokyo because traffic is so congested all the time anyway.

Off to work.

Just push the button.

And if you DON'T push the button...