It's a rare event when we can put the words "Whataburger" and "mink coat" in the same sentence, but it can happen. Just ask Cheryl Semien of Liberty, Texas. While working at the local Whataburger, she received a shocking surprise from a perfect stranger.

On Wednesday, December 17, Cheryl was working at the drive-thru window at Wataburger. A woman drove by to pick up breakfast, and Cheryl complimented on the beautiful coat that the woman was wearing. What happens next is something Cheryl will probably never forget. The customer took off her coat and gave it to Cheryl. It isn't just any pretty coat; it's a mink coat worth around $10,000.

A local news reporter tracked down the generous customer. Nadine at first didn't want to talk to the reporter, but eventually she agreed and explained her reason for the wonderful gesture. She said, "The lady said that's a beautiful coat and she was so sweet. So I took it off and handed it to her through the drive-thru window."

Here's the TV report:

Cheryl was still ecstatic when she recounted the story, especially when Wednesday was also her birthday. According to the report, she said she'll treasure the coat and can't wait to pair it up with some boots.

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As for Nadine, the reason that she went to Whataburger that morning was to pick up breakfast for someone else. She is definitely a person who enjoys helping and giving. 

It's always nice that we can share a warmhearted story, especially during the holiday season. 

Have a happy holiday and hope you're enjoying your time with your loved ones.