parkshihoo_personb On February 24th, Person B who was found to be the one who carried Trainee A into Park Shi Hoo's apartment has been faced with a lawsuit. A representative of Person B commented, "B already knew that he would be facing a lawsuit. He was nervous when he heard from A that she would be suing him as well. He is currently at his house and has cut off all contact from the outside." According to various media reports, Trainee A met Park Shi Hoo through Person B on February 14th at a bar. The three ended up at Park Shi Hoo's house after consuming about three bottles of flavored-vinegar soju (the amount consumed is not confirmed). Trainee A stated that when she had awaken the next day, she realized that she was sexually assaulted and reported Park Shi Hoo to the police. And although Park Shi Hoo had made an official statement soon after claiming that everything that happened that night was consensual, the CCTV released to the police seems to be leaning towards Trainee A's side of the story. Meanwhile, the police has collected samples of A's hair, urine, and blood which was then sent over to the National Institute of Scientific Investigation testing to see if any kind of drugs were used. parkshihoo3 Person B was interviewed, and shared the hardships he is facing with the situation: Q: How do you feel right now? A: The fact that something like this happened because I introduced Park Shi Hoo to Trainee A is killing me. My identity was revealed, and the fact that people from different media is calling me is making it harder. I wanted to cut off outside connections and wanted to reveal the truth to the situation through the police but there were one-sided articles that came up. It's really hard and stifling. Q: What is the reason for saying yes to this interview? A: I really wished to reveal everything regarding this situation through the police investigatons. I hoped to remain silent until the end. But reading the articles I felt like it was very unfair and I wanted to share my thoughts on it. Q: How are you these days? A: I'm just stuck at home. I can't do anything at this point. Q: Did you ever contact the press about this matter? A:  I never said anything to anyone. There was an article that quoted me making it seem like I complied to an interview, but I didn't. That makes it even more unfair. Q: Do you have anything else you want to say? A: The police investigations are currently going on. Not every truth has been told yet. I will comply faithfully to the investigation and will reveal everything confidently to the police. I wish that people refrain from releasing one-sided articles. (Source: &