These days, with so many brands collaborating with other brands and celebrities, the reasoning behind the joining of forces gets lost, leaving consumers to sometimes wonder, "Why are they collaborating?" But when Peruvian designer Jhonatan Ayla created a concept for a Red Bull and Nintendo Super Mario energy drink, it made perfect sense.

If you think about it, Super Mario and Red Bull are made for each other. My example may be a little outdated, but Mario and Luigi in the classic NES game Super Mario Bros run around looking like they're totally jacked up on Red Bull! And when they eat the mushroom and grow in size, power, and speed, if that's not Red Bull-like, I don't know what is.

Like so much of modern character merchandise, these collaboration cans will be sure to become collectibles for any fan of Nintendo, Mario and Luigi, Red Bull, or collectors' items in general. Dubbed the "Pixel Collection," this series of Red Bull drinks is only wishful thinking for Jhonatan and others all around the world, but maybe Nintendo or Red Bull should get in touch with Jhonatan and do some business. The concept behind the Pixel Collection is that by drinking a Red Bull, the pixelated little Mario (tired-you) can grow to a non-pixelated Super Mario (after Red Bull-you), bursting with energy. 

I know nothing about marketing, but this whole concept created by a fan, who happens to be a designer, would probably make both companies, and consumers, very happy.

The Super Mario Pixel Collection

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