A somewhat unconventional wedding ceremony took place a few days ago in a national park in the city of Bogota, Colombia, and friends, family, supporters and some members of the media witnessed a very special declaration of love. The groom, Richard Torres, declared his eternal love to his significantly older bride, who happens to be a rather large, beautiful, Colombian tree. 

With a white veil tied to her trunk, the tree was looking especially beautiful on her wedding day. So was Richard, dressed in a white suit and red necktie, who made vows for both himself and his wife, who obviously was not able to say "I do." In reality, it was also kind of a forced marriage for her, as Richard just picked her at random before the ceremony, but this tree couldn't have asked for a better husband. Torres, a 31-year-old actor, artist, and environmental activist, is not doing this because he's crazy; he's marrying this tree to bring attention to environmental conservation. This is actually his third marriage to a tree, having married trees in Peru and Argentina in the past. For this ceremony in Colombia, he even made a statement asking the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia to lay down their weapons and start planting trees. Richard is just a peace-loving dude.

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"I want humans to stop destroying nature," he said. "And each other."

Congratulations to Richard and his new bride.