Peter Ho (Summer's Desire) happily married in a fabulous wedding on September 1, after showing off his great abs in his last bachelor party. Find out more about his bride who secretly dated the hot idol for 9 years, the unique wedding photoshoot in China's Inner Mongolia, and touching highlights from the sumptuous wedding in Taipei, Taiwan.

1. The morning of the wedding started with Peter and friends riding in luxury sedans to pick up the bride. Per custom, Peter had to pass tests given by the bridal party. 

2. The wedding invitation has Peter and Peggy's initials intertwined in a meaningful logo. The wedding banquet was held at the grand Le Meridien Taipei hotel.

3. The bride looked radiant in her beautiful wedding gown. The happy groom, however, admitted that he was very nervous.

4. Who is the bride? 

After denying his dating status for years, Peter finally acknowledge Peggy as his girlfriend in December 2015, and registered in March this year to coincide with his parents' wedding anniversary. His fabulous wedding is a formal occasion to seal their union in front of family, friends, and the public. Very often Asian idol stars have kept their relationship status secret to protect privacy as well as critical fandom. In Peter's case, he has certainly achieved these goals to great success, as he moves toward celebrating his 41st birthday on September 13 as a married man and top star.

Fans now praise Peggy to have been the perfect girlfriend for an idol star. She quit her job to live quietly and keep their relationship from public scrutiny. He never publicly showed up with her, and always claimed he was still looking (for a suitable match.) He later said his strategy was to keep everything low-keyed to safeguard the relationship. She also helps take care of Peter's parents since Peter is frequently away for his work. She met Peter when she was working in a department store. Now, she has established her own design brand 28women, (named for meeting Peter when she was 28,) as a successful entrepreneur who gives fashion and style advice online. 

5. Peter sang a love song he wrote and brought happy tears to the bride.

No wonder the scene when Peter sang a love song dedicated to his bride was especially touching. Peter wrote the song, "This Song that I sing," when Peggy was sleeping. 

The lyrics included these lines: 

"I loudly pledge my promise to you, to never be apart, to always hold your hand, and to listen to you say a bedtime story. This is happiness."

6. Awesome wedding photoshoot!

Before the wedding, Peter and Peggy went to China's Inner Mongolia to take photos for their wedding photoshoot. The arduous journey took a week and almost 2,000 miles of driving in the Gobi Desert to achieve the beautiful results. Peter even got sick the first day he arrived in Inner Mogolia, but he felt it was symbolic of their relationship which took 9 years to fruition.

At the banquet, the couple didn't forget to have fun on stage. The bride also changed her outfits twice per custom.

Congratulations to Peter Ho and Peggy! May you always have fun as you continue your journey of love!

~ NancyZdramaland

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