Typhoon Megi, since September 27, has left four dead and 524 injured in Taiwan, and at least three dead and more than 20 people missing in China. News outlets have been reporting on the story with many (Wall Street Journal, Yahoo, ABC, and Boston Herald) sharing the same Associated Press article, or at least the main photo of a woman who, as the caption reads: “eats and struggles with her umbrella against powerful gusts of wind generated by typhoon Megi across the island in Taipei, Taiwan.” This has inadvertently propelled the pork-bun-eating-woman in the photo into the spotlight of her home country and the internet.

The photo shot by Associated Press’ Chiang Ying-Ying has taken on a life of its own, being widely circulated due to its relatability:

Buzzfeed has reported that the woman has been identified by Apple Daily Taiwan as a 53-year-old fruit stand merchant, Dai; she chose to only provide her last name to the outlet. That day, Dai opened up her shop and closed it early due to the typhoon. As she made her way home, she was eating a pork bun that her husband purchased from convenience store chain, FamilyMart.

She has reportedly called the incident “unlucky” as the photo was not what she wants to be known for. However, she hopes that with any articles pertaining to her, those stories could at least refer to her fruit stand to hopefully help increase sales. She may want to consider selling pork buns alongside the fruits - it wouldn’t hurt!

Photo: Associated Press Chiang Ying-Ying

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