Photographer Tommy Kha shoots portraits of his good friends kissing him, for his "Return to Sender" series. Though he says he's playing off the mainstream media stereotype of Asians, we're wondering if it's just an excuse to make out with a bunch of people, and he's just pretending not to like it as part of the clever ruse.

“My work has to do with our roles that, in varied ways, are defined by cultural indifference along with the experience of being ‘othered’,” he eloquently explained in Slate, carefully leaving out the part about how he also gets to make out with all of his attractive friends.

The series is also about his views on intimacy. “I think [the motivation] was wanting to belong, of wanting ‘to be seen’ ... and to appear reserved and contradictory by denying the kiss.” Sure, "appearing" to not totally dig making out with all of your friends.

Kha hopes to take over 200 photos before finishing the series, which means making out with over 200 people. Well played, Kha. Well played.

Check out more of his photos below: