At Himeji Central Park Zoo in Japan, three female lions gave birth to seven white lions during the month of June. The cute cubs were born June 6th, June 26th, and June 30th. This really is a big deal, because as you know, white lions are rare and there are only about 300 white lions left in the entire world! From what I’ve been reading, white lions are not albino but are born white because of a shared gene. And they're adorable. Just check out these photos of them below!

So cute! That one on the right is like "Noooo let me out!" Meanwhile look at the zoo keeper giving good wispy bang/fringe!

The one on the right and the milk dripping off his mouth! Little cute pig! ^_^

Action shot!

Oh, that's the loud mouth one right there (-_-)

Someone's tail is about to get pawed!

Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu ^_^

There is a zombie among you!

I want to feed a baby lion too #Gimme

Their heads look like cotton balls!


The one on the left is a natural at Aegyo meanwhile the other two are Wendy fans! #HowYouDoin

This is what they will probably look like when they're older!



KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE