EXO recently completed the Nanjing stop of their EXOPLANET #2 - The EXOlu'Xion tour! They performed 27 songs, showcasing their amazing talents and impressive stage presence. EXO played hit songs including "Call Me Baby", "Growl", and "Overdose", entertaining more than 10,000 fans throughout the three hour show.

I was lucky enough to attend the event and was really blown away by their performance! It was a dream come true to see them perform live and they certainly didn't disappoint! If anything, the show just made me love them even more.

In case you missed the news, EXO announced that they will be touring in North America this February! If you are interested in going to the show, here's a sneak peak of what you can expect!

Check out photos and videos from the Nanjing concert below!


EXO sure knows how to put on a fantastic show! In addition to their wonderful performances, the stages and props where also amazing to see. Every moment was mesmerizing!


Performing close to 30 songs means that EXO goes through many different costume changes throughout the night. I have to say, EXO looks fantastic in pink!


Isn't EXO adorable here?! They put on these elf outfits for "Peter Pan" and "XOXO", delighting fans with their hilarious antics and expressions.

Be sure to watch the video below for even more cuteness. While the whole video is a joy to watch, pay special attention to the last part, starting around 4:00. Kai and Chanyeol's dance moves get more and more crazy!



Sehun sure knows how to shine! His wonderful dance segment during "Baby Don't Cry" is certainly unforgettable. Sadly, the water that usually accompanies this segment was missing at the Nanjing show... but he still did a fantastic job!

Check out his dance below!


During the middle of the show, Chanyeol took over as DJ, performing in the center while the other members danced and sang around him. It's almost impossible to not fall in love with his voice!


The entire show was epic, especially so when the fog machines were on! The production value of the EXOPLANET # 2 - EXOlu'Xion tour is through the roof!


Xiumin's makeup was on point during the entire show! I wish I could get my eye makeup to look even half as amazing. 


"El Dorado" was one of my favorite songs of the night. The choreography and light props go so well with the song!

Don't believe me? You can watch the performance below!


One important fact I confirmed during the show: Lay has amazing arms.


EXO, please never stop being goofy and amazing.


I could watch their antics all day long!


Fun fact: Chanyeol LOVES confetti. During the ending speeches, the staff gave him a special hat full of confetti. He quickly emptied it by blowing it into the air, and when he finished, he would just bend down to fill the hat back up again! It was also great fun to see D.O next to him get more and more annoyed at the continuous shower of confetti!


Seriously, he was completely mesmerized by it!


However, Suho may have different opinions about confetti...


But don't worry! Suho and the other EXO members looked like they had an amazing time at the show! They really do love interacting with their fans! The encore stage was particularly fun to watch. Each member walked around picking up stuffed animals and hats, while throwing plenty of hearts and waves to the crowd. It was impossible to leave without a giant smile on your face!


EXO sure puts on an amazing show! I hoped you enjoyed the photos and review. If you get the chance, I definitely recommend that you go see EXO in concert. You certainly won't regret it!

Which photo is your favorite? Are you excited to see EXO come to North America? Share your thoughts below!

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