Happening_Psy_Gentleman_KPOP06 YG Family and Psy posted pictures from Psy's Concert "Happening," held in Seoul on April 13th. A full stadium of fans was fortunate to see an impressive performance. At one point, Psy was flying through the crowd! Take a look at the amazing photos, below: Happening_Psy_Gentleman_KPOP.04jpg Happening_Psy_Gentleman_KPOP Happening_Psy_Gentleman_KPOP02 Happening_Psy_Gentleman_KPOP03 Happening_Psy_Gentleman_KPOP07 Happening_Psy_Gentleman_KPOP09 Happening_Psy_Gentleman_KPOP10 Happening_Psy_Gentleman_KPOP11 Happening_Psy_Gentleman_KPOP13 Happening_Psy_Gentleman_KPOP14 Happening_Psy_Gentleman_KPOP16 Happening_Psy_Gentleman_KPOP17 Happening_Psy_Gentleman_KPOP18 Psy's newest music video "Gentleman" has been doing very well online, with over 80 million views already! Fans online are psyched to see that he is still producing new, fresh work. Doesn't this look like an amazing performance? (source: www.facebook.com)