Song Joong Ki returned from mandatory military service yesterday! See photos from his military discharge, hear who supported him the most in his military service, and learn about his filming plans for Descendants of the Sun below!

After serving 21 months in the South Korean military, Song Joong Ki was discharged on May 25, and he was happy to greet his fans. Take a look at his first post-military interview and photos!

Song Joong Ki was extremely touched by the many fans who came to show their support. He said, "My fans provided me with the most strength during my military service. Speaking to the fans is making me choke up. Thank you very much. I think the only way to repay the love of my fans is to show a better side [of myself] from now on."

When asked which girl group gave him the most strength during his service, he had an interesting answer: "My seniors warned me to expect this question. I thought about it a lot but I honestly don't know a lot of girl groups. Personally, my best friend Lee Kwang Soo was the one that gave me the most strength. I saw him so often during Running Man that he naturally became my greatest strength." Aww! It's nice to see that the real-life friendship between the former Running Man cast mates is still going strong.

Song Joong Ki's first post-military project will be the upcoming series Descendants of the Sun from Kim Eun Suk, the writer behind hits like Heirs and Secret Garden. It is now being reported that the first script reading will be held next week, and filming with most of the cast, including Song Joong Ki's costar Song Hye Gyo, will begin in June. In order to allow Song Joong Ki enough time to prepare, he will not begin filming until July, and the series has an as-yet undetermined release date this fall.

We can't wait to see him in his new series! Welcome back, Song Joong Ki!

If you can't wait any longer to see Song Joong Ki, check out his series Nice Guy below:

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