For all you Inspirits who for whatever reason were unable to make it to INFINITE’s concert in NYC on November 16th don’t worry! I was there and I took lots of pictures! No, really, I took 208 photos to be exact of INFINITE dancing,smiling,sweating, and crying! My finger just wouldn’t stop pressing the button and guess what?! I narrowed it down to about umm, uhh, 50-ish for all my DF besties!

Now before we get to the photos let me just tell you INFINITE put on an amazing show. To begin I was in no way shape or form in that pit of fangirl death. I learned the hard way during the B.A.P concert that the pit (Early Admission/General Admission floor) is a death trap, and you spend more time trying not lose your balance from the hundreds of bodies behind you trying to push their way as close as possible to the stage, than you do actually focusing on the performance. My friend @OfficialPimpTop and I purposely got ourselves seats in the first row of the first balcony and were able to comfortably watch the show, not to mention the poor fangirls who needed to literally be pulled from the pit because they were passing out and what not.

Fun Facts:

Woohyun visited our balcony and stood right in front of me and @OfficialPimpTop during his special stage. We were in need of oxygen and he’s not even our bias. It was at that moment we learned that actual biases really do have the power to destroy lives.

INFINITE tossed paper planes and sock monkeys (so I was told) to fans in the pit... Inspirits lives were hanging on a thread.

Sung Yeol can’t toss a paper plane to save his own soul. We watched this dude throw that one green paper plane like 5 times only to have it fly right back to him each and every time. #SadYetSooCUTE

INFINITE is a very chatty group even though their English is horrible. Horrible English means awesomely cute Engrish, and at least they tried hard to communicate so don’t you knock or make fun of them!! (-_-)

The whole concert lasted a little more than 2 hours. 15 minutes was spent listening to Woohyun’s touching and dramatic speech which included holding back tears. Sung Yeol and L zoned out on stage during this.

Dong Woo won hands down “Member who shed the most tears on stage.”

Later that night while I was panicking in the bathroom stall of a bar in Korea Town because the lock was stuck and I was trapped in there for 10 minutes with no cell service and yelling over loud music for help completely sober; INFINITE was a couple restaurants down the same street eating dinner. Umm...

ANYWAY, enough about my real life Kdrama lead girl issues (-_-) enjoy the concert pics!

Concert Opening!

On the right Dong Woo with his back to the audience. Nice view right?!

Speaking of Dong Woo...

Sung Jong's pretty hair and face on the left. Sung Yeol's EVERYTHING in the middle!

At one point Dong Woo was telling everyone in the pit to relax, calm down, and move back because people were being way too much!

Sung Jong , Sung Yeol and his beautiful sweaty and glistening chest, and INFINITE's leader Sungkyu

Sungkyu and L bustin' moves in the back.

L in his own world. #NoSurpriseHere

A perfect shot of L's beautiful hair.

Dong Woo was busy speaking Engrish that no one could understand, and L and Sung Yeol were just like "yepp." Sung Yeol's jaw line though.

Hoya and Sung Jong apparently were watching something extremely interesting going on in the crowd. Once again, jawlines!

Hoya was feelin' the music!

Hoya looks like he just received a blessing from a higher power.

Sub-unit INFINITE H special stage! Hoya and Dong Woo singing for the "special gurrls"

Sung Jong and Sung Yeols Special stage. Gawwd Sung Jongs legs are so nice! His thighs don't even touch #CriesCuzMineTouch

Tight white jeans = SEXY THIGHS!

It wasn't until I was preparing these photos that I realized I caught Hoya with his hand in his pants. Why? I dunno, probably adjusting his shirt, but here's what I do know: I LIKE IT! ^_^

Woohyun and his crazy pretty smile!

My two biases! Patting myself on the back for capturing this moment and crying at the same time because... PERFECTION!

The guys had multiple wardrobe changes.

Hoya looks like a super hero, L is doing his job as the visual and striking poses, while Sung Yeol is on his own personal runway.#TheyCanDoWhateverTheyWant

White pants I thank you.

Dong Woo's arms and L's smile. They look like they're running through a field of flowers though!

Now for L's arms and Sungkyu's hilarious pose.


The middle of a concert yet Hoya and Woohyun look like their having some kind of deep conversation.

Wait a minute while I go hurl from the perfection I captured in this photo.

Sung Jong was perfect and pretty the whole time and he talked a lot too!

All the pretty confetti at the end of the show!

Dongwoo crying. Moments later he kneeled to the ground over come with emotion. Someone please give him a role in a melodrama!


Since L is my INFINITE Bias (favorite member) I did go nuts and snap a million photos of only him. These are my favorite photos I took of him that I'm sharing with you. If you want more L make sure to check out the K-dramas Shut Up Flower Boy Band and The Masters Sun!

L's special stage involved him, a guitar, a teddy bear, and the loss of my sanity.

When the concert was over we all left knowing INFINITE loved us and we were Sung Jong's "princesses," Woohyun's fiance's, and if we "cheated" Sung Yeol would chase us around the world. Seriously! They said all of this to us because we're their girlfriends duhhh (-_-)

By the way if you're curious about what camera I used to capture INFINITE's epic-ness; I used my Samsung WB800F in white. I was told on Twitter by @CoutureKitty that it's the same camera used in Kdrama The Suspicious Housekeeper.

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE