Just when I think I've seen it all, folks, an anime billboard located in Tokyo's Chiyoda ward in Japan has seemingly gone "under the knife." Wow.

Around March 1, a billboard was put up in front of Akihabara railway station advertising the April 4 premiere of High School DxD BorN, the 3rd season of popular TV anime High School DxD. That billboard originally looked like this — two-dimensional. Main female protagonist Rias Gemory was quite flat (in a manner of speaking).

However, by the middle of March, people noticed something odd. The lovely Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess had become three-dimensional. Gigantically so.

Here is some side boo — er, side angles that make the "enhancement" ever-so-clear. 

It is said that this is the first time a billboard has gone 3D on this part of a female's anatomy. I wonder.

Photo below: silent_runner's Twitter

Seeing as Rias' voluptuousness is part of her fame and the High School DxD series is known for its lecherous nature (TV-MA) as well as its supernatural escapades, it's not hard to see why the Powers That Be signed off on this publicity stunt, ha ha. No doubt, they raised all the eyebrows they intended, and fans are eagerly waiting on the edges of their seats for the Season 3 opener tomorrow.

So. Even anime billboard girls get plastic surgery now.

Makes it easier to get the point across, I reckon. :) 

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