Let me tell you, these cosplayers are absolutely awesome! From the hair, to the outfits, they're totally on point! Get ready to be amazed at people just like you and I dressing up as their favorite K-pop Idols!

This person has everything down to the under eye patch Amber was wearing during the Pinocchio MV!


Not only did this person snag the same animal costume SHINee's Jonghyun wore during Hello Baby, but they even have the same hair!


This person gets major props for being able to get Jonghyun's hair from Ring Ding Dong so perfect! It's not easy to do the tri-color hair job.


You my friend, might just be as pretty as Key. Doesn't this person look just as fierce as Key did during the Ring Ding Dong days?!


Since Nu'est's Ren is my bias I applaud this person. The hair, the hat, even the necklace, she didn't miss a single detail from his look for the MV, Action.


Why so serious drummer child? So cute as GD from his MV Crayon.


This girl just went all out to look like Zelo from B.A.P during Warrior! Umm even the mask is the same!


FANTASTIC BABY! She looks so fierce as T.O.P! The hair color and the fur!


KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE