Meet Tama, the stationmaster at the Kishi Station in the Japanese neighborhood of Kinokawa. She's a cute calico kitty who has literally saved Kishi station from being shut down. People from all over stop at the Kishi station in hopes of meeting the popular stationmaster.


If you happen to miss seeing Tama in person during your visit, there are tons of Tama souvenir's found at the stations gift shop, cakes made in her image at the café, and even three themed trains: Tama Train, Strawberry Train, and Toy Train. The station itself is even shaped in Tama's image!

Tama Station

Tama Station2

Tama train

Tama Cafe

Tama, who has been with the Kishi station since 1999, can usually be found in her office that was at one time a ticket booth, styling in her stationmaster uniform which includes a hat and collar.


She works Tuesday through Friday, 10am - 4pm, and on weekends her apprentice, Nitama takes over the arduous duties -- of sleeping and being cute!

Tama and Nitama

Tama and Nitama

Next time you're in Japan make sure to stop by Kishi Station and say hi to Tama! KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE