It seems Bae Yong Jun and Park Soo Jin had a relaxing time in America's paradise.  

Photos of the Dream High actor and his lovely young bride were shared recently on the TV program I Heard a Rumor Show. The newlyweds look happy and free from any anxiety or tension in the series of images. However, the show's panelists were reportedly disappointed to see the Flower Boy Next Door actress with such a flat stomach. They started to believe the rumors that Park was pregnant prior to their wedding last summer, but that proved to be 100% false. 

"I thought there would be some good news," one of the panelists commented. 

Bae and Park seem to be completely at peace honeymooning in the USA. It's too bad the paparazzi disturbed them by taking photos. 

When they both make their eventual big return in the entertainment industry, would you like to see them in a production together? How about art imitating life by playing husband and wife onscreen? 


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