Eugene is sharing precious photos of her baby! The former S.E.S member appeared on KBS′ Happy Together 3 last week with her All About My Mom co-star, Lee Sang Woo. They brought along 100 items that have special memories for them. Eugene brought the first gift she ever received from her previous girl group member Bada to the show. It was a T-shirt that the star explained she would wear more because it was a gift.

Photos of her adorable baby girl Ro Hee were shared with the public following a call from Bada about the T-shirt. "The T-shirt is really pretty," the "Dream Maker" singer said via a call into the show. "The drawing is really cute, so it′d be nice if Eugene passed it on to her daughter Ro Hee to wear as a vintage piece."

The sweet chubby-cheeked doll caught everyone's eye. Little Ro Hee instantly became the center of attention after her appearance on the program.

Eugene and her husband Ki Tae Young welcomed their first child, Ro Hee, in the world in April. They wed in July of 2011 at the Seoul Central Church in Anyang, Gyeonggi-do.

Who do think Ro Hee resembles more, Mom or Dad? 

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