The Smlle Dong Hae star will make viewers drool. Sexy actor Ji Chang Wook returns to the small screen in the new KBS2 drama Healer. In the action thriller by the writer of the classic K-drama Sandglass, Ji portrays elite errand runner and "healer" Seo Jung Hoo. 

In the recent photos released by the production company, the young star is shirtless and showcasing his chiseled physique. His character is supposed to jump off rooftops, so the star has exhibited his athletic ability by working out and working on his stamina. 

Healer is about a successful reporter (Yoo Ji Tae) diving into a 10-year-old mystery. A tabloid reporter (Park Min Young) and a healer help him on his journey to discover the truth. The series is written by Faith writer Song Ji Na and directed by Lee Jung Sub. It will premiere exclusively on DramaFever this week.

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