Lovestruck netizens want to see these stars paired up! Bubblegum actress Jung Ryeo Won and singer Park Hyo Shin were caught up in serious dating rumors earlier today. The online rumors claimed they were secretly dating, planning a wedding, and their fans knew all about the clandestine love affair. Their agencies, however, quickly explained the two stars weren't even acquaintances, let alone lovers. Jung's KeyEast rep admitted she attended one of his concerts as a fan and nothing more, while Park's rep said he didn't even recall meeting her.

Netizens now know the celebrities aren't dating, but the determined ones decided to dig up a photo of Jung Ryeo Won and Park Hyo Shin posing for a photo backstage at one of his concerts.

 The phrase "Park Hyo Shin and Jung Ryeo Won, who have met each other at least once" described the cropped photo that appeared on an online community. 

Jung accompanied her friend, singer Im Su Mi, and others to the concert. The original photo, which was shared on Im's Instagram, shows they have crossed paths, but it supports their agencies' claims that the stars are not close enough to be lovers.

Fans of Jung's new series are probably rooting for her to fall in love with her Bubblegum co-star Lee Dong Wook in real life. That would be sweeter than bubblegum itself! News about another rumored romance only ruins our perfect K-drama fantasies.

Why do you think the rumors started in the first place? Who would you want to see Jung Ryeo Won date in real life? 

Watch Jung Ryeo Won in the sweet romance Bubblegum:

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