The 200 Pounds Beauty turns into a divorced mom for her newest SBS series. Photos of Kim Ah Joong filming outdoor scenes for her upcoming drama Punch were released online recently. The doll-like actress portrays a single mom named Shin Ha Kyung following the divorce from her husband Park Jeong Hwan, played by Kim Rae Won.

In the exclusive photos, the Seoul District Investigator witnesses her daughter's school bus speeding and getting into an accident. She chases the bus like a real professional, to the delight of everyone on the cast and crew. The scene was filmed outside an apartment complex in Gangnam over the weekend.

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Darling young actress Kim Ji Yeong co-stars as her daughter Park Ye Rin.

The new Punch drama is about the heartwarming story of the Supreme Prosecutor's Office investigators. It premieres in December on SBS and on DramaFever. Sign up for new episode alerts HERE.

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