Meeting The TechniciansKim Woo Bin in real life would be a dream for many of his admirers, and that dream recently came true for fans Thailand who got to see him live on his recent visit. For those of us who weren't lucky enough to be there, here are 25 gorgeous photos of the actor from his visit.

1. Kim Woo Bin visits CH3 Morning News, a popular channel in Thailand. During a visit last year, the actor announced his first fan meet in an interview for the show.

2.  He prepares for the interview questions

3. Even as the stylist preps him for the interview, he continues to study

4-6. Animated and adorable during the interview

7-10. A press conference with media and fans. He was so popular that the venue was packed full from the first floor to the third floor. His Thai fans call him the "Long-legged Asian God."

11. Can you imagine the lucky fan who got this radiant smile?

12-14. Practicing his singing before the fan meet

15-17. Absolutely adorable singing and speaking during the fan meeting

18-19. His "Coffee date with a fan" segment. JEALOUS!

20. Another lucky overseas fan got to sneak a hug during a gift presentation

21-22. Amazed and tearfully grateful upon watching a surprise video from fans

23. Selfie time!

24. Kim Woo Bin sings his final song and bids farewell to his adoring fans.


25. Even though we couldn't be there, thanks for sharing your personality with us, Woo Bin!

Did you enjoy the photos? Do you want to interact with Kim Woo Bin in real life? Well, even if you didn't make the Thailand fan meet, you still have a chance to see him! On March 24 EST, Kim Woo Bin will be participating in a live Google Hangout exclusively with DramaFever fans! You can see him up close as he answers fan questions. This event is open to everyone, so go HERE for more information.

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