Will they ever kiss? Everyone's favorite Pinocchio pair are getting closer to an actual kiss on the Wednesday/ Thursday series. In photos from the eighth episode, Dal Po (Lee Jong Suk) gazes into In Na's eyes during a romantic snowfall. He inches his face closer to her to seal his affection for her with a kiss. 

However, In Na (Park Shin Hye) blocks his kissing attempt by covering her mouth with her hand. “Dal Po and In Ha’s covered-mouth kiss scene was filmed in the late evening hours. The cold air probably froze their hands and feet, but the filming site was heated with passion," a representative from the production team told the media today. "You will be able to see Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye’s chemistry. Please anticipate episode eight displaying the heated romance between the two.”

Episode 7 was about Dal Po realizing his role as a reporter could hurt someone that same way he was hurt as a child.

Watch the upcoming could-be kiss scene this week on DramaFever.

Are you anxious to see the two stars share their first on-screen kiss?

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