If you're feeling the need for a little motivation, look no further. Recent photos and a video of a Korean university student who lost over 110 pounds simply by changing her diet and exercising are going viral, and the changes in her appearance are nothing short of incredible.

Going by the name Jinny, this girl from Korea ballooned to over 221 pounds at one point of her life, after having consumed way too much delivery food and beers during her senior year in high school, in which she gained 55 pounds. After having herniated a disc in her back as a result of her overbearing weight, Jinny decided to get her life back on track, by making some very simple changes that can be made by anyone who wants to look and feel better. What she did was start off by drinking 3.5 liters of warm water a day, while cutting out foods containing sodium. Her lunches consisted of protein and vegetables, her one dessert a day was yogurt, and she completely gave up her midnight snacks. On top of that, she made sure to exercise, at least 10 minutes a day, which is not much. What's important is consistency and persistence.

At this point, it's safe to say that Jinny is a diet and health expert, and she has a very beautiful message for her followers and everyone else. "Diet is the change in how you love yourself. I work out for health and eat good food for my body and try to love myself constantly. Set up a goal of ‘Let’s love myself in healthy way’ rather than a goal like ‘Lose 5kg every month!"

Definitely inspiring. Just look at how different she looks! And she looks pretty happy right about now, too, which is really all that matters. You can follow Jinny and her journey here, and get inspired to eat well and live a healthy life!


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