O.M.G Park Shin Hye and Kim Woo Bin look so adorable in these scene stills from Heirs that I almost want to be that bowl of ramen Kim Woo Bin is eating just so I can get a closer look! In the photos Park Shin Hye is asleep at a table while Kim Woo Bin is chowing down on some steamy ramen. Now any true KDrama expert can tell what this scene is all about without it even being scripted!

This looks like one of those behind the scenes moments and not actually a moment in the scene itself.

I bet Kim Woo Bin's character was like "hey I have to run to the bathroom" and Park Shin Hye was like "ok I'll wait" and then she passed out in one second like all Kdrama characters do. So he comes back and he notices she's sleeping but he leans in to make sure, and of course takes in her beauty.

Then in true Kdrama fashion, as he's eating his ramen he's staring at her and this is the point we as the audience are like "yeahh dude... you're in love."

So what do you think? My Heirs scene interpretation seems pretty on point right? Well you'll never know if you forget to tune into the first episode so don't! Protect yourself from missing the first episode by signing up for the Heirs new episodes alert HERE!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE