Chinese romantic comedy Diamond Lover (克拉戀人) debuted on two national networks and numerous VOD sites two weeks ago, and since then, Chinese-speaking audiences have flocked to it. After 400 million views in just the first three days, a staggering 1.45 billion viewers have tuned in to the TV series online since the premiere! That doesn't mean leading stars Rain and Tiffany Tang are finished promoting their hit show, however, as evidenced by their gorgeous cover and spread for top weekly fashion magazine 伊周 Femina.

CEO Xiao Liang and Miss Mi Dou... *sigh* This fictional couple has legs for days, folks.

The lovely Miss Tiff may be considered medium height at 5' 7", but her long slender leg makes it seem like she's even taller, don't you think? At 6' 1", Rain having long legs is a given. But actually seeing the proof of their length is a whole other ballgame. 

My goodness.

Here's the cover and the rest of the pictorial for the August 4 issue, including some CEO eye candy. I like!

How about you?

In other Diamond Lover news, the two songs on the OST that Rain sang and helped write,-- 克拉恋人 ("Diamond Lover", the TV series opening theme song) and 假装 ("Pretend") -- are still No. 1 and No. 2 respectively on QQ Music's K-Pop chart after 12 consecutive days,

Although the South Korean entertainer sings both songs in Mandarin, Rain's fans will recognize the catchy melody of "Diamond Lover" as that of "Marilyn Monroe" from his 2014 album Rain Effect. And fans of popular K-Pop group VIXX will recognize member Ravi's fantastic voice as the rapper on the Chinese version. Thumbs up, Rain and Ravi!

Images: 伊周 Femina official Weibo / FashionModels Weibo

Screenshot: Stephe Thornton

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