Rain fans got a cool surprise the second week in February when, on the 11th, Koyote member and professional photographer BbaekGa instagram’d a picture of himself with his best buddy Rain – well, their feet, anyway – on a plane bound for a “Big Apple” photo shoot. He posted simply in English, “We are going to New York…”

(Image credit: BbaekGa / Paek Sunghyun)

That was all that needed to be said for devoted fans to amp up surveillance of his and Rain’s Instagrams for the long haul!

Some fourteen hours after leaving home, Rain brightened up New York’s JFK International Airport where he took time to sign a few autographs for the fans who braved the harsh winter snow and cold to wait for him there.

(Image credit: 小白Honghom)

While everyone wondered and speculated what magazine or project Rain’s photo shoot was for, Rain and his travel buddies did a nice job giving fans glimpses of him during his downtime. Longtime friend, back-up dancer, and choreographer KyuSang shared images of himself and Rain getting a bite to eat at upscale eatery Wolfgang’s Steakhouse – the newest location on 54th Street.

(Image credit: Kim KyuSang)

Rain and BbaekGa look pretty welcome, if you ask me.

(Image credit: BbaekGa / Paek Sunghyun)

The name of the project that Rain was there for is still a mystery, but BbaekGa did post a preview with the caption, “We are working…” The results are expected to be fantastic, seeing as BbaekGa has already produced amazing results photographing Rain in the past for clients like Esquire Magazine, MCM luxury goods, and Nikon, to name a few.

(Image credit: BbaekGa / Paek Sunghyun)

One lucky Rain fan got the shock of his life when he encountered the international entertainer on a New York City sidewalk, and didn’t let the rare opportunity go by.

(Image credit: teddkyap)

Rain took to his own Instagram, posting a few images from around the city that caught his eye and a picture of his s-w-e-e-t red Nikes…

(Image credit: 30rain)

…so that fans would recognize him when he arrived back in Seoul and strolled through Incheon Airport on February 17th.

Just kidding about that, haha. No one would need a shoe to recognize Rain.

(Image credit: BNT)

So now, with Rain in Australia for a few days to film as a guest star on a special episode of Running Man, folks can place their bets on what sponsor or magazine will bust out some new Rain photos in the coming weeks.

In other news, Rain is set to perform at the Twin Towers @live 2014 annual free concert at the KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Center) in Malaysia on March 29th, and will promote his new album Rain Effect in China with a special showcase at Beijing National Stadium on March 28th.