On February 22, the annual Tokyo Marathon took place, an event that brought 35,000 runners from around the world to run through the streets of the largest city in the world. And this year again, cosplaying runners came out in full force, adding fun and color to an otherwise grueling event that never fails to take all the participants to their mental and physical limits.

The Tokyo Marathon, one of the six World Marathon Majors that includes Boston, Berlin, London, Chicago and New York City, is for all intents and purposes, a very serious and competitive race. Elite runners from around the world gather to compete against more than 35,000 runners, and the stakes are high. But out of those 35,000, there are always a number of participants who do it more for the fun than for the competition. Winning the race is the last thing on the minds of the cosplaying runners, who like in previous years, took part in the race all dressed up, delighting the thousands of locals who came out to watch and cheer on the runners as they went by. The cosplayers added to the already party-like atmosphere, making the Tokyo Marathon more than just an international sporting event.

Enjoy the photos below of the most awesome cosplayers from the 2015 Tokyo Marathon!

Endeshaw Negesse and Berhane Dibaba, both Ethiopian, came in 1st place, Endeshaw winning the male competition with a time of 2:06:00 and Berhane winning the female competition at 2:23:15. Needless to say, they were not cosplaying on this day.