Dal Po is giving In Ha the cold shoulder! Today, SBS released a series of images to the media from upcoming scenes of Pinocchio

In the photos, it shows Lee Jong Suk (Dal Po) and Park Shin Hye (In Ha) walking to work together in two drastically different outfits. Lee seems cold and aloof as he ignores Park on their journey. 

Last week, he discovered the truth about his father's untimely death and his leading lady's Pinocchio syndrome came into focus. Her feelings for Lee's character became more apparent.  Episodes 5 and 6 air this week.

“This week, the tables are turned in Dal Po and In Ha’s situation. Dal Po’s transformation as a new employee will also be depicted in an interesting way. Please show your interest and love," a rep from the drama's production team stated.

Are you excited for another week of Pinocchio? Check out the latest episode below:

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