Do you dream of visiting Seoul? Are you an avid K-drama fan? If so, this list is just for you! Here are eight places in Seoul that every fan must check out when visiting this spectacular city. Get ready for your own amazing adventure!

1. Namsan Tower

A trip to Namsan Tower, also known as N Seoul Tower, is an absolute MUST for every K-drama fan. Countless dramas and variety shows have filmed their trademark scenes on top of this mountain. And even better, the views of Seoul are spectacular!

2. Han River

Walking along the Han River is a dream come true for any K-drama fan. Not only can you take in the sights of Seoul, but you can also easily pretend you are living out one of the many of the K-drama scenes that happen along the river. 

3. Digital Media City

Digital Media City is where much of the K-drama magic happens! It's home to some of the largest broadcasting stations including MBC, SBS, and CJ E&M. Some of the landmarks and streets may even seem familiar as they often appear in dramas. In addition, music shows like M!Countdown are also held here so you have a chance to see some of Korean stars in real life!

4. Hongdae

Not only is Hongdae a super cool place to explore and shop while in Seoul, but it can also be another good place to go for a chance to see your favorite K-drama stars. Remember that hilarious scene from Kill Me, Heal Me when Ji Sung's character Yoona ran through the streets? That was filmed in Hongdae!

Even better, variety shows often show up on the crowded shopping streets bringing along stars like So Ji Sub for spontaneous interviews and interactions with fans. Hopefully you'll get lucky when you visit and get a glimpse for yourself! But even if it doesn't work out, Hongdae has countless stores, restaurants, and cafes to make a visit well worth your time.

5. SM Town at Coex Mall

If you are a K-drama fan who also likes K-pop (let's be honest, probably most of us!), then SM Town at Coex Atrium is definitely a place you should check out! This place is your one-stop shop for anything SM Entertainment related! From SM artist merchandise and food products to even a hologram theater, this wonderful place has six floors of awesomeness that is sure to delight any K-pop fan, but especially so if you stan an SM artist!

6. Coffee Shops

This one is the easiest place to visit on this list - coffee shops are literally EVERYWHERE in Seoul! Mango Six, A Twosome Place, Coffee Bay, Caffe Bene, Droptop, I could go on forever! And beyond the famous chains, there are also tons of fantastic independent coffee shops around Seoul. Do some exploring and you'll be sure to find some amazing drinks during your trip! And don't worry if you don't drink coffee, these shops also ofter plenty of unique juices and teas to keep you very happy!

And if you are looking for a special K-drama themed shop, you can visit the original Coffee Prince coffee shop in Hongdae!

Check out this list of coffee shops that you can easily visit in Korea!

7. The Royal Palaces

Do you love watching historical K-dramas? Be sure to visit some of the magnificent palaces located right in the heart of Seoul. Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace, Changgyeonggung Palace and Deoksugung Palace are the four most visited ones! You'll feel like you walked right into a K-drama!

8. The Sauna

After a long day of sightseeing, taking a trip to a jimjilbang, aka Korean sauna, is the perfect place to go. You can relax and live out some of your K-drama dreams of wearing a towel hat and cracking hardboiled eggs on your head!

These saunas are all over the city, but a popular one to try out is Dragon Hill Spa. It even has a swimming pool!

Where do you most want to go in Seoul? If you've visited before, what was your favorite place? Where else do you recommend other K-drama fans visit? Share your thoughts below!

Happy travels!

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