Dr. Oh Myung Jun, one of the leading plastic surgeons in Korea, has compiled a list of ten of the best looking actors in Korea, according to the 1:1.618 facial proportion, otherwise known as the "Golden Ratio" that is supposed to be "the most beautiful on a human face." Here are the top 10 Korean actors who have made the list:
10. Hyun Bin—The doctor says he is good looking but his face is a bit too long:
9. Jo In Sung—He's beautiful but stays at the number 9 spot: 8. Jung Woo Sung—A bit of a puzzle for the doctor because he is good looking and seemingly has a good ratio, but his face is a little too wide/big: 7. Song Seung Hun—"His face is too small," says the doctor: 6. Song Joong Ki—Of course he would make the list! But he barely misses the top five, as despite his good looks, his proportions seem to be off by a little bit. Even a slight difference affects the outcome, so he lingers at number 6: 5. Won Bin—Interesting note: the doctor says his features are better suited for the perfect ratio for women! Either way, his feminine features earn him a place in the top 5: 4. So Ji Sub—"His cheekbones are long in comparison to his proportions," says the doctor. 3. Go Soo—His foreheard, cheekbones and jaw are an excellent fit: 2. Lee Seung Gi—This list would just not be right without him! He may not be number 1, but his eyes, nose, chin, forehead, cheekbones and lips fit well with each other: 1. Kang Dong Won—EVERYTHING is a perfect fit: A lot of very good looking actors did not make the cut (hello, Lee Min Ho is missing!), but the list is still a very good one!  What do you think of the doctor's list? (Source: pann.nate.com)