A photo of Korean actor Lee Min Ho with Taiwanese singer-songwriter Harlem Yu has been used illegally by a Chinese plastic surgery clinic in an ad. The ad is so wrong in many ways.

The photo was originally posted by Harlem Yu to his weibo account after he appeared with Lee Min Ho and sang together at the Chinese Spring Festival Gala. Harlem wrote the theme song for the famous Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden, a live-action adaptation of the Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango. The Taiwanese series was a stellar success throughout Asia and was a precursor for the Korean version of Boys Over Flowers, for which Lee Min Ho rose to fame. So it was fortunate that Harlem Yu and Lee Min Ho could meet and sing the song "Can't Help But Fall For You" together.

However, the plastic surgery clinic had a different idea in mind.

As you can see from the photo appearing at a bus stop, a big word AFTER with an arrow pointing at Lee Min Ho was added in the ad made with the adapted photo.

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It is apparently suggesting that if you look like Harlem Yu, you should get surgery to look like Lee Min Ho, not to mention that this clinic is making an unsubstantiated claim that it COULD even make one look like Lee Min Ho.

Remember, previously we reported a man went under the knife to just make his nose to look like Lee Min Ho's, and it was a big fail.

What do you think? If the claim WERE true, would you change yourself to look like Lee Min Ho?