Apparently the great success of South Korean plastic surgeries is leading to another problem. Many travelers visit South Korea for surgeries and come out looking so different that the clinics are issuing certificates to prove the patients are who they are because their passport photos don't match their faces anymore.

Just look at these photos and you'll see two different women, but they actually are the same person. So how do you prove yourself to the immigration authority when your passport photo looks like it belongs to someone else? In particular, there has been an increase of Chinese travelers to South Korea because they reportedly trust the plastic surgeons there more than the ones in China. However, these travelers ran into problems as they returned to China and were almost refused entry for looking drastically different from their passport photos. They typically had a new look with bigger eyes, higher noses and smaller chins.

Now South Korean clinics and hospitals are reportedly issuing 'plastic surgery certificates' to help make the process easier for the patients to return to their home country. The certificate has the patient's passport number, the name of the hospital or clinic where the treatment took place, and how long the stay was in South Korea